The Iranian market represents today an exceptional opportunity. It is indeed known as the biggest under-exploited market in the world :


  • The Iranian population amounts to 78 million inhabitants, who are mostly young, urban and graduated


  • In 2014, the Iranian GDP amounts to 407 billion dollars. The World Bank forecasts that the GDP will grow by 5% or so in 2016, thanks to the lifting of economic sanctions following the international agreements of August 2015


  • An Iranian middle-class has been developing of late, with a craze for western products. But many technological and infrastructural needs remain, shaping high potential sectors for the future, among which : the energy, the carmaking industry, the health sector, the food sector, the high tech industry, tourism, fashion and the luxury goods industry


  • The iranian soil contains 11% of the world reserves of oil and 15% of the reserves of natural gas


  • Iran is strategically situated on the new silk road designed by China’s president Xi Jinping to further economic relations between Asia and Europe